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Job Description

1.    Accountable and Responsible for Developing and implementing Best in class HR Policies and related procedures/instructions, and advising and guiding Management and Employees in the consistent implementation of Employee Regulations and Rules across OLNG

2.    Researches and explains laws and legal affairs concerning employment to managers, supervisors, and employees. Advises and trains managers and supervisors in best employee relations practices and strategies for managing supervisor problems and employee grievances, including disciplinary policies. Develops further training as needed.

3.    Overall responsible for the employee wellbeing and work harmony by providing a sounding board to both Management and Employees in all HR people matters.

1.    Develop systematic feedback mechanisms for evaluating policy impact and effectiveness, and mechanisms for respective policy updates and changes, taken into account evolving organizational goals and needs.

2.    Conduct surveys, interviews, and other studies to conduct research regarding human resource policies, compensation, and other employment issues. After analyzing the information, makes recommendations on changes.

3.    Ensure that HR Policy, Procedures, Practices, Standards and Guidelines in line with set government rules and its alignment with the global best practice.

4.    Manage HR aspects of grievances, appeals, disciplinary matters and other potentially contentious cases as delegated taking into account the Employee Regulations and Rules, policies, procedures and practices, Omani Labour law.

5.    Lead the resolution of conflicts, fact-finding and investigation missions when required.

6.    Represents OLNG in contract negotiations, meetings, and negotiations with employee and labor organizations/union on any disputes or policy/law changes/upgrades

7.    Manage the Union Relationships, collective bargaining, disciplinary statistics and MOMP Liaison etc. Build relations with industrial relations practitioners, provide ER/IR Management with feedback basis the data gathered

8.    Maintain close liaison with Government Ministries and Agencies to ensure Oman LNG is in compliance with Omani Labour and Social Insurance Laws.

9.    Collaborates with legal counsel and departments in the preparation for and participation in negotiation with employee and labor/union groups.

10.    Develop and Manage an Annual HR/Staff Engagement Session Calendar that would entail a consistent communication platform whereby all HR matters including Staff Surveys/new policies/staff matters are rolled out/discussed and followed through.

11.    Implements, conducts, facilitates, and/or analyzes results of employee morale and retention initiatives such as incentive programs, employee surveys, and exit interviews.

12.    Serves as the liaison and spokesperson for the HRLT, providing collaborative guidance and advice on integrated communication strategies to build employee morale, productivity, retention, and policy compliance.

13.    Coach and develop team to ensure the minimum competency levels are met or exceeded by a yearly review of their training needs, on the job exposure, preparation of a personal development plan and regular feedback sessions including mid-year and final year appraisal

14. Act as a focal point for regulatory & legislation compliance including Conflict of Interest (COI) and Legal focal point

1.    Ability to build long term relationships and manage key stakeholder expectations

2.    Proficiency in handling a team

3.    Exhibit good communication and Influencing skills

4.    Able to analyses situations and take key decisions

5.    Understanding of the relevant local and international labour and employment laws and regulations

6.    Sound knowledge of business writing to draft policies

7.    Eye for detail to ensure that the policies are comprehensive in nature

         8.  Good command of Arabic and English language

Other Job Details

·         Collective Bargaining & Employee Engagement (Skill)

·         Grievance Handling & Dispute resolution (Skill)

·         Labour & Employment Laws (Skills)

·         Personal Effectiveness (Skill)

·         Problem solving (Skill)

·         Labour & Employment Laws (Skill)

·         Change Management (Knowledge)

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Snr, Internal Auditor

Job Description

Execute all activities related to auditing of various business processes and units within Oman LNG and Qalhat LNG as per the approved Audit Plan, or as directed by the Chief Internal Auditor. Audit engagements are to be performed in line with the International Auditing Standards and the approved departmental procedures. In addition, plan, delegate, and supervise assignments of Internal Auditors.

  • Execute risk based audits of various business units as per approved audit plan and as per the approved departmental procedures in order to provide reasonable assurance to the Board of Directors on the adequacy of the internal control framework being reviewed.
  • Conduct opening meetings with Management for the allocated audit assignments in order to agree the scope, timeline, and audit process for own audit engagements.
  • Conduct closing meetings with Management for the allocated audit assignments in order to highlight audit observations and obtain their agreement on the recommendation / action to be taken.
  • Highlight and document the audit observations with evidences and obtain management agreement on the audit observations and the actions to be taken to address them.
  • Conduct peer review of audit reports produced by other auditors in order to ensure that they are clear, achieve the audit objectives, are free from errors and omissions, and that the conclusions are based on valid observations.
  • Conduct/supervise special assignments as directed by the Chief Internal Auditor, this includes fraud investigations, and other investigations.
  • Provide consultancy and advisory with regards to the control framework to various company functions as requested by the Chief Internal Auditor.
  • Provide cost effective recommendations to bridge identified control weaknesses.
  • Follow-up on agreed action items as per allocated audits in order to ensure that all agreed action items are implemented as agreed.
  • Participate and assist in the creation of long-term risk based Audit Plan including review of Departmental Risk Registers. This plan is later approved by the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors.
  • Guide and coordinate with third party auditors in carrying-out their various assurance activities as directed by the Chief Internal Auditor.
  • Assist the Chief Internal Auditor in various tasks such as budget maintenance, follow up of audit action items, coaching of new employees, etc. These tasks are carried out in rotation.
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops.
  • Reviewing professional publications, establishing personal networks, and participating in professional societies.
  • Utilize the training and learning opportunities provided by the organization to develop competencies in specialized areas and work towards self-development.
  • Supervise, coach and develop the internal auditors to ensure the optimum competency levels are met by a yearly review of their training needs, on the job exposure, preparation of a personal development plan and regular feedback sessions including mid-year and final year appraisal, where appropriate.

Skills Required

  • Strong analytical, written/verbal communication, interpersonal and relationship building skills.
  • Technical expertise and understanding of risk management and control framework.
  • Comprehensive systems knowledge and familiarity
  • Excellent English report writing and communication skills.
  • Strong problem solving and negotiation skills.

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