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Nasser S. Al –Hajri Corporation Jobs 2023. Here we are exploring the latest Nasser S. Al –Hajri Corporation Job vacancies through our job site. Apply for NSH Company Job vacancies from the below list which we have updated on our website. Nasser S. Al –Hajri Corporation (NSH) established in 1978, has grown, not only as of the largest but also as the safest working industrial contractor in the Middle East. Nasser s al Hajri corporation jobs

NSH Company Job Vacancies

Here we are sharing with you the latest Nasser s Al Hajri corporation jobs in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Kuwait. Being a 100% Saudi Company, NSH works with all major international clients and the customer profile includes Saudi Aramco, SABIC & its affiliates, Qatar-Gas, Ras-Gas, ADNOC, Sipchem, Shell, Exxon Mobil, Total, Qatar Petroleum, Oryx-GTL, Dolphin Energy, Tasnee, Chemanol, etc.

Recently NSH executed 2 major jobs for SABIC, simultaneously and achieved over 90 Million safe man-hours. With its main headquarters based in Al – Khobar, Saudi Arabia, NSH has reached a “GRADE A” rating as a general contractor by the Saudi Arabian government.

Nasser S. Al –Hajri Corporation Job Details

• Company/Organization: NSH (Nasser S. Al –Hajri Corporation)
• Job Location: Bahrain, Qatar & Saudi Arabia 
• Nationality: Any
• Qualification: Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School
• Salary: Not Disclosed

List of Nasser S. Al –Hajri Careers

Job Title Location
Inspectors Welding (NP-659) Saudi Arabia
QC Inspectors Painting & Coating (NP-659) Saudi Arabia
QC Inspectors Equipment (NP-659) Saudi Arabia
QC Inspectors Civil (NP-659) Saudi Arabia
QC Supervisors Welding (NP-659) Saudi Arabia
QC Supervisors Mechanical (NP-659) Saudi Arabia
QC Supervisors Civil (NP-659) Saudi Arabia
QC Managers (NP-659) Saudi Arabia
Engineer Field Engineering (VR-406) Qatar
Incharge Camp Maintenance (VR-406) Qatar
Secretary Project (VR-406) Saudi Arabia
Gate Pass Coordinators (VR-406) Qatar
QA / QC Manager (RP-230) U.A.E
Safety Engineer U.A.E
HSE Engineers (RP-230) Saudi Arabia
HSE Officers (RP-230) U.A.E
Material Planner U.A.E
Welding Inspector QC (RP-230) U.A.E
Welding Engineer QC (RP-230) U.A.E
Graduate Engineer U.A.E
Senior Scheduling Engineers (RP-230) U.A.E
Senior Estimation Engineers (RP-230) U.A.E
HVAC Engineer U.A.E
Project Planning & Control Manager (RP-230) U.A.E
Project Planning & Control Manager (RP-230) U.A.E
Senior Costing Engineers (RP-230) U.A.E
Senior Contracts Engineers (RP-230) U.A.E
Planning Engineer (Civil) (VR-406) Qatar
Lead & Quantity Surveyor (Civil/ Mechanical/Piping/ Electrical/ Structural) (VR-406) Qatar
Planning Engineer (Civil) (VR-406) Saudi Arabia
Transportation Coordinators (VR-406) Qatar
Catering Managers (VR-406) Qatar
HR Assistants (RP-230) U.A.E
Security (VR-406) Qatar
Watchman (RP-230) U.A.E
Millwright Fitters (NP-659) Bahrain
Inspectors QA / QC Civil (NP-659) Bahrain
Tig & Arc Welders (NP-659) Bahrain
QA / QC Supervisors Electrical & Instrumentation (NP-659) Bahrain
QA / QC Supervisors Painting & Coating (NP-659) Bahrain
QA / QC Supervisors Piping (NP-659) Bahrain
Supervisors Insulation (NP-659) Bahrain
Supervisors Hydrotest (NP-659) Bahrain
Supervisors Piping (NP-659) Bahrain
Supervisors Mill Wright (NP-659) Bahrain
Superintendent Insulation (NP-659) Bahrain
Superintendent Painting (NP-659) Bahrain
Superintendent Instrumentation (NP-659) Bahrain
Superintendents Piping (NP-659) Bahrain
Superintendents Electrical (NP-659) Bahrain
Structural Fitter (NP-659) Bahrain
Sheet Metal Fabricator (NP-659) Bahrain
Safety Officers (NP-659) Bahrain
Quantity Surveyors Electrical & Instrument (NP-659) Bahrain
Inspectors QA / QC Welding (NP-659) Bahrain
Inspectors QA / QC PWHT (NP-659) Bahrain
Inspectors QA / QC PMI (NP-659) Bahrain
Inspectors QA / QC Piping (NP-659) Bahrain
Inspectors QA / QC NDT / RTFI (NP-659) Bahrain
Inspectors QA / QC Insulation (NP-659) Bahrain
Inspectors QA / QC Instrumentation (NP-659) Bahrain
Inspectors QA / QC Equipment (NP-659) Bahrain
Inspectors QA / QC Electrical (NP-659) Bahrain
Foreman Scaffolding (NP-659) Bahrain
Foremen Painting (NP-659) Bahrain
Foremen Insulation (NP-659) Bahrain
Foremen Electrical (NP-659) Bahrain
Inspectors QA / QC Mechanical (NP-659) Bahrain
Foremen Cladding (NP-659) Bahrain
Foremen Millwright Fitter (NP-659) Bahrain
Foremen Instrumentation (NP-659) Bahrain
Foremen Piping (NP-659) Bahrain
QA / QC Engineers Piping (NP-659) Bahrain
QA / QC Engineers Mechanical (NP-659) Bahrain
QA / QC Engineers Electrical (NP-659) Bahrain
Engineers Planning Piping (NP-659) Bahrain
Engineers Planning Mechanical (NP-659) Bahrain
Engineers Planning Electrical & Instrumentation (NP-659) Bahrain
Engineers Planning Electrical & Instrumentation (NP-659) Bahrain
Piping Engineers (NP-659) Bahrain
Mechanical Engineers (NP-659) Bahrain
Instrumentation Engineers (NP-659) Bahrain
Electrical Engineers (NP-659) Saudi Arabia
Industrial Electricians (NP-659) Bahrain
Document Controllers (NP-659) Bahrain
Reservations Agent (RP-230) U.A.E
Receptionists (RP-230) U.A.E
Bell Boy (RP-230) U.A.E
Kitchen Steward (RP-230) U.A.E
Commis II / Commis I (RP-230) U.A.E
Technical Manager NDT (VR-406) Qatar
Laminator GRP (VR-406) Qatar
Pre-Commissioning Engineer Piping (VR-406) Qatar

How to Apply for NSH Company Jobs?

Please apply for Nasser S. Al –Hajri Corporation Jobs from the above list. Click on the above Job title related to your designation. You will redirect to the Asia power agency career site.

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